The company's investment strategy is to identify and acquire well located but underperforming commercial properties and utilize the company's balance sheet and market expertise to create and maximize value. Having exited the LA market in 2011, the firm now concentrates almost exclusively in New York City.

Strengths – as Owner/Operators

Strengths – as Buyers

Acquisition Criteria

Joint Ventures

The partners occasionally joint venture with institutional partners, always making substantial, personal co-investments. In each instance, the company serves as the venture's managing partner responsible for executing the strategic plan as well as daily operation and maintenance of the property. In each of these ventures returns significantly outperformed the market.

Of particular note, the principals have never formed a fund or acted as an investment conduit, nor does the company engage in third-party management or leasing. Rather, a long-term strategic approach to value creation has consistently outperformed the market and has resulted in the maximization of risk-adjusted returns.

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